Bingo, the game that started it all at Seven Feathers! You can play Bingo at Seven Feathers six days a week. Plus, we have monthly Bingo events you won’t want to miss. With seasonal and holiday-themed events, Birthday Night Bingo and more, there are always new ways to win! Ready your daubers, line up your lucky charms and get ready to WIN BIG! Seven Feathers Casino Resort is your place to play!

Bingo Etiquette

  • Be sure to come early to get your lucky seat.
  • It’s important for everyone to hear the Bingo Caller – please be courteous and quiet down during each game.
  • Get your daubers ready before game time.
  • Be sure to speak loudly when you have a BINGO!
  • Bingo wins are on the last number called. Please don’t “Sleep through a Bingo Win!” Once the Caller announces the next number, you will forfeit your win.
  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!