Is there anything more heavenly than a cozy bed? We spend so much time sleeping (or attempting to get to sleep!) in our beds, so shouldn’t they be as comfy and cozy as we want them to be? Well, fret not, because we designed the Goodnight, Sleep Tight Gift Giveaway with just that – and your sleep – in mind!

So, how do you earn that luxurious bed set? Join us Sundays and Mondays in November to earn a new piece of the bed set each week, for every 1,000 slot points you earn – or – you can buy a piece of the set for 10,000 points. Simply redeem your points between 1:00PM and 8:00PM, in the Juniper Room. You can claim one piece per week. You know they’ll go fast, so be sure to set those reminders on your phone! Oh, and to answer that question, sorry, you cannot combine points.

We’re curious… what will you use your new bed set for? Will it be for your bed, for a holiday gift, in your guest bedroom, in your RV? The options are endless. Wouldn’t that college student in your life appreciate this kind of a gift? We think so! But why not keep it for yourself? You deserve it. There are some decisions to be made here.

Regardless of where this cozy set ends up, we can’t wait for you to check out the set for yourself. We are certain you will fall in love with it, just like we have. Until then, sleep tight! For more information click here.