Shark Week Swims from the TV to You

The sharks are out, and they’re feeling JAWSOME! So prepare yourself, because Shark Week Hot Seats are almost here!

Join us at Seven Feathers Casino Resort, on Saturday, March 21st, where 51 lucky guests playing their favorite slot machine or table game with their Player’s Club card, will be randomly chosen to play 10 MAX BET SPINS on our Shark Week slot machines. So cross your fins and hope the shark chews-es you! If you end up with winnings in the process… you can grab it and go, leaving yourself feeling fin-tastic.

Ride the wave and join us on March 21st, from 4:00 to 8:00PM for your chance to win shark Week Hot Seats. Keep your eyes open… there may even be a shark on the loose!

Can’t wait to make a splash? Join us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for more ways to win! Winners of our social media campaign will get their own time slot to play 10 MAX BET SPINS between 8:15 and 9:00PM! And the best part? Online winners are still eligible to play the floor campaign!